6 x 20 mg vial’s Ultra purified TB-1000 Wholesale Direct $690 USD 6 x 20 mg vial’s Ultra purified TB-1000
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Buying the original and not a copy is very important not only to your pocket but the horse itself. TB-1000 ultra has been manufactured to the utmost level of purity, taking out all fragments and all impurities. This advanced technology has resulted in a 20% – 25% boost in purity compared to any other product on the market.

TB-1000 ultra is from the original manufacturer of TB-1000. We are now selling direct at wholesale prices so, not only will you get the best product with the best results, you will also get the best price.

The continued upgrade of our technology puts TB-1000 ultra ahead of the game.


  • Boosts the immune system
  • Health and wellness of internal organs and muscle tissue are optimized.
  • Rejuvenation and regeneration of cells in vital organs, muscles, tendons and body tissue.
  • Improved stamina and performance levels.
  • Increased energy levels, vigour, stamina and desire for physical activity.
  • It’s 100% safe for competition and has no banned substances.
  • No adverse reactions.


TB-1000  Peptides for performance
racing horses and camels.

We have had a long involvement in serving the equine community with leading edge products for the health care of animals. If your animal is getting ready for a competition or under-performing in training, or a breeding animal you must ensure it is in optimum health at all times. TB-1000 is a unique product that assists in the rapid repair and healing of muscles and damaged tissues and increases strength. For any animal that experiences or has previously had an injury, the horse or camel will surely benefit from T.B 1000.

Natural Occurring Peptides

TB-1000 is a synthetic version of natural occurring peptides found in horses, camels and other high performance animals. Its regenerative properties help the body heal itself and build up strength naturally. The TB-1000 formulation is chemical free with no side effects, and is suitable for thoroughbred race horses, show jump horses, dressage horses, rodeo horses and polo horses as well as racing camels.  In fact all high performance animals can benefit from TB-1000 as it provides rapid surface wound healing with little or no scarring. Discomfort for the animal is minimal while the benefits of rapid healing are easily in evidence.

The use of TB-1000 peptides for horses also enhances their energy levels, improves muscle tone and provides increased muscular endurance. Additionally, there is a decrease in recovery time from training which is why the use of TB-1000 peptides is endorsed by leading owners, trainers and stables around the world.

Meet the Industry Experts

Our years of experience in supplying the racing industry with horse and camel health care products means that we understand your needs when it comes to looking after performance animals. Our products are developed in association with leading research laboratories and manufactured to exacting standards to ensure you are being provided with the highest quality products available on the market. Your total satisfaction with our products is our goal and this why we have a growing list of satisfied customers around the globe using our products as part of their health care regime for their horses and camels.